Belly Dancing Classes in Wirral January 2020

Belly Dancing Classes in Wirral / Hoylake January 2020

Belly Dancing For Arts Health & Fitness
The sessions are on a drop in basis and costs £5 per one hour session. Designed with artistic dance value first with added elements of moderate cardio flexibility and resistance exercise. With beneficial warm ups cool downs drill sequences group work and fun easy to follow dance routines. They are suitable for people of all ages and dance level abilities. With social dance get togethers at community belly dance events in Liverpool and further afield.

Day & Time - Saturdays 11am
Venue - Hoylake / to be confirmed (confirmation in October 2019 - contact or check back to this webpage at a later date - venue does not organise 2020 diary until end of the year)
Start Date - Saturday 21st January 2020
Booking - No need to book just turn up
*This is a women's group.


I'm pregnant can I take part? 
Yes. Tara taught belly dance untill she was seven and a half months pregnant and is highly knowledgeable on antenatal belly dance. However
do let the instructor know at the begining of the class as certain moves should be avoided during pregnancy. It is advisable for you to get the okay from your GP or midwife before taking part in any kind of exercise you are not used to.

I am a member of another class but want a change, Can I attend this class?
Yes of course. Everyone is welcome at this class and professional teachers who are good always encourage their dance students to attend other class. The best advice would be to come and check out the class to see if you like it and be aware of the stylisation and dance level. *Please note advertising another class is not allowed.

I suffer from anxiety but have heard attending certain groups may help, what can you do for me to make me feel at ease at your class?
If you suffer with anxiety I would encourage you to come to class as it will work wonders in helping you to get used to being in a group and boost your feel good hormones and confidence.
Others who have anxiety are always advised to situate themselves and their belongings close by an exit doorway incase they need to leave quickly and discreetly. When doing certain group tasks everyone has an option not to be involved in them and I always state for those with physical problems who wish to sit out on certain tasks to sit out. I also go through deep breathing techniques which may help you to control your breathing. It is advisable to let Tara know in advance in private. Also if you are in need of assistance I give a cue that you could do to make me aware so we can deal with it discreetly. Only people with anxiety ect will know about the cue.

I am disabled can I still take part?
Yes a disabled person has never been turned away from this group. There are disabled toilets entrances and lifts at the venue. We may have to work around your disabilities but you are still welcome to attend.

I am not of middle Eastern or British heritage will I fit in?
Yes. You do not have to be a certain ethnicity or nationality to fit in on my class. I have taught people from all places in the world and come from a mixed heritage family of second generation immigrants. This all inclusivity is in my nature and I welcome everyone. Diversity is key at my classes!

I can not dance barefoot and have to wear medically shoes fitted shoes can I still attend?
Yes however please ensure the soles of your shoes are clean and dry.

I follow a religion where I'm not permitted to dance in front of men, do men attend your class?
No I specialise in running women's classes due to starting off teaching within women's groups refuges and working with other women. Men do not attend my classes.

I do not own my own coin hip belt scarf sash or props can I still attend?
Yes. There are always classes spares for people to use free of charge however when in your care they should be looked after and returned at the end of the class.

I am a transgender women wanting to learn belly dance can I attend your class?
Yes. All women are welcome.

I have my own hips scarves and props can I bring them?
Yes you can.

I was allowed to dance in a long floaty skirt at other classes why can't I at this class?
For the simple reason... health and safety. If you wear garments that are to long at any style of dance class where you are learning and training there's a chance you could slip tangle and hurt yourself or other people. It is also hard for a teacher to see your legs foot placement and shillohette therefore harder to teach and harder for you as a student to learn. Leave the long skirts and costume type clothing to costume rehearsals and performances. This comes under risk assessment and it's important to stick to the rules and avoid any risks.

I have had a bad experience with a teacher from another class but love belly dancing will I be welcomed into this group?
Yes. As a professional teacher following teachers code of conduct and ethics what happens at another teachers class has nothing to do with what happens at this class. Everyone is welcome are your confidential information is protected.
Please do not come to class speaking negatively about other teachers. Negative talk brings the atmosphere of a class down. Everyone comes to class to have a good time. No one wants to listen to negative talk.

Do you offer block booking discount ?
Yes. 10 consecutive classes is £40 (save £10) paid upfront. However you must attend classes consecutively and will loose out if you miss a class. There are no refunds on block bookings or discounts. * If for some unusual reason the class's are cancelled you will get a refund for the classes you are owed.

I want to learn more than what is taught at class what else do you have to offer?
Yes. There are additional Sunday workshops and rehearsals that maybe held once per month for those who are interested in learning more dance skills techniques and full Choreographed dance routines. These workshops run for 2-3 hours costing £15-£25 (£10-£15 discounted price for members of the class who attend classes regularly) *Do not underestimate what is taught at a class before taking part.

Can I perform or teach the choreography and techniques taught at the workshops at my shows or classes?
Yes however all students will be asked to sign a form about copyright declaration and artistic credits. If the material is used shared or performed outside of the Tara Dance Arts group a credit should be added onto videos dvds printed materials and an charge may be added depending on where the material us used.
(Unfortunately choreography technique and materials are stolen by others who do not credit the person's where the original creative material came from. Sometimes it is not intentionally done however a lot of the time it is done by those who should no better. Usually by those who are creatively barren and out to earn money from other people's work)

I'm really interested in performing do you offer any opportunities?
Yes however I expect new students to learn the technique I teach in order to perform as part of the group. I often hold additional workshops on choreography I expect students to attend along with classes in order to perform.
 It is important as each performer is representing Tara dance arts therefore should have an understanding of the style and techniques applicable to this group. Unfortunately
some students come to these sessions after attending classes elsewhere and do not have good basic understanding of technique or posture to be able to perform so there is a lot of correction and training needed beforehand. This along with poor etiquette and manners. As a member of Tara dance arts it is important to have some confidence not arrogance and to be humble in manner as we work with various communities care givers and service providers there is no room for diva behaviour in this group. It really doesn't matter if you have the best costumes or are an amazing dancer who happens to be blessed in the looks department... If you have a bad attitude you will not fit into this group.


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