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Tara Dance Arts News - Find out what we have been up to and what we have planned with our timeline of past present and future events! (Videos & images included) *Tara is having a maternity break. Classes will resume in January 2020.

September 2019
We where invited to give a presentation talk at a local coffee morning. The presentation was about the benefits of belly dance for pregnancy and after birth. Hosted by a local women's circle.

August 2019
After lots of interest and enquiries we are pleased to announce.... Our
new monthly drumming circle in Wirral. A friendly meetup group learning Egyptian & African rhythms. Taught by an authentic professional drum teacher.

July 2019
Tara is having a maternity break!
Classes workshops and performances will resume in January 2020.

June 2019
Tales Of Andalusia Creating Choreography
As Tara is winding down for her maternity leave she has created a dance fusion. With her mother's background in traditional Flamenco dance and her ow…

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