Tara Dance Arts – Belly Dancing Sessions Arts Beauty & Crafts Activities DISCLAIMER / AGREEMENT
Please read this agreement carefully. Participants are required to fill in and sign this form before taking part in any of the activities listed in the title above. All minors or vulnerable adults should be accompanied and supervised by a parent/ guardian or responsible adult and a signature of consent is required. You are responsible for your own health and well being therefore you should not take part if you knowingly have medical issues that may be made worse. You agree that you have had advice and permission from a medical professional prior to taking part. If you have medical problems including pregnancy or allergies it is important to make your group leader / facilitator aware of this before taking part and information on the issue along with required medication should be included on this form. If you participate with a medical problem you do so at your own risk and Tara Maxwell or Tara Dance Arts / Belly dancing cannot be made responsible. Abusive disruptive & violent behaviours are not tolerated at the sessions. Any incidents accidents or health and safety issues should be reported to the session leader and / or the venue where it happened. You agree to pay for services rendered. All items borrowed and used at class must be returned in the condition it was given or charges may be added. All participants are welcome to leave unbiased truthful feedback and reviews online or in person under real names and profiles. Lies slander defamation sabotage and unsolicited behaviour / contact is not permitted in person or online. It will be reported / recorded. Decisions based around various groups the teacher leads either in a class format rehearsal or performance are to be passed through her she has the final say and should not be changed by any session participant or performer.  Advertising other classes or events without permission from the session leader is not allowed in class. Choreography ideas and class resources are private and copy written therefore should not be used or shared outside of the groups without the permission of the group leader. Where permission is grated a credit is expected. Your personal information is kept safe under the data protection act and will not be shared with third parties without your permission. Under data protection laws 2018 you have to give permission for the use of photographs and images of you. This form will be shredded after one year. 


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