Belly Dance Time Table September - December 2018

    Women's Dance Classes With Tara Dance Arts

Tuesdays 1.30pm - Bellydance For Arts Wellbeing & Fitness
Venue - Whisc Bold Street Liverpool
Price - Free / Funded
Booking - Just Turn up!
This class is scheduled to run until Christmas.

Saturdays 11am - Bellydance For Arts Wellbeing & Fitness
Venue - The Parade Community Centre Hoylake Wirral Ch47-3AG
Price - £5 per one hour session
Booking Just turn up
Level - Open everyone welcome!
Additional Info - Sessions are held in the reheasal theatre room.
Classes are scheduled to run every week until Christmas & restart in January to continue to run all year round.

Saturdays 12pm - Theatrical Bellydance Group Rehearsals
Venue - The Parade Community Centre Hoylake Wirral Ch47-3AG
Price - £2.50 - £5
Booking - Attend by invite only - Must attend class regularly
Level - Improvers - Intermediates - Advanced.
Additional information - N/A
"Dancing With Silk" - Tara Dance Arts - The Wirral Arts Festival
Learn the art of dancing with silk gracefully and effortlessley. Taught by Tara a dancer and teacher who is often referred to as "graceful" and effortless in her dance.. Learn some of the basics along with some tips on how to dance gracefully with silk and how to make it look effortless. Authentic real silk veils are provided for all to use. An easy to follow dance routine is taught. Dancing with silk offers a good workout for the whole body incorporating good posture and arm exersise. To make something look effortless requires effort coordination self expression and technique.

 "Dancing With Silk" workshop on Saturday 27th October at 11am in the reheasal room of the Hoylake parade community centre Hoyle Road Ch47-3AG
£5 per person & runs for 1 hour.
People of all dance levels and fitness abilities.

Performances & Events 2018 ... Come & see us!
Tara is the group facilitator of thetclasses and the artistic director of the dance group "Nefetiti". Our performers are Sheryl Brenda Jan Heather Anita Kayleigh & Michelle. Our performances are authentic cultural tasteful energetic graceful creative expressive and theatrical. Our show "Belly Dance For Everyone" highlights the artistic value of community dance and it showcases the talented beautiful and brave Women who perform it who are diverse in age body shape ethnicity experience and social backgrounds. The aim is to inspire and encourage people to learn, To be involved in physical movement and to benefit from the healing power of dance. It also offers a platform for Women to get involved who may not have had the opportunity or who may not have felt they could have. Now they can, we all can!

The Festival Of Firsts (Hoylake)
Helens Having Belly Dance Events (Southport)
From The Nile To The Mersey Events (Liverpool)
The Wirral Arts Festival (Heswall)
We support arts funded community & charitable events in Merseyside Northwales & Further.

Nefertiti Presents Hafla 


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