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Belly Dancing Classes Wirral & Liverpool Updates 
 Corona virus update - Due to the outbreak of this worrying virus I have decided to postpone classes until September. As a service provider I have a duty of care to the people who come to class and its best to avoid the spread of this virus that may be life threatening to many. Please stay safe everyone! 

In the mean time I have free video belly dancing classes for all in the private Facebook group. Send a request to join. All Welcome!

Wirral & Liverpool Belly Dancing Classes Timetable

Wirral Belly Dance Classes -
Saturday morning classes at Hoylake parade Community Centre ch473ag 11.30am.

New Term - Saturday 26th September
Runs every Saturday until end of December 11.30am at The Hoylake parade Community Centre ch473ag.
Drop in classes £5
you don't have to book just turn up!

Concession / block booking first 3 consecutive classes £10. Paid in advance.

Veil workshop - Saturday 10th September 1.30pm-3.30pm
Information - The workshop is suitable for those with experience learning belly dance technique and silk veils or chiffon veils. Great for those who want to challenge themselves and put months of learning into a full belly dance routine to practice for personal use or to perform as part of the class performance group or separate to the group.
Venue - The Hoylake parade Community Centre ch473ag
Price - £7.50 Existing Class Members or £15 to new students who haven't taken regular class's with this particular dance school.
Booking - Book at class or email
Payment - Cash at class for existing students or PayPal for new students. Payment must be received at least 2 weeks before the date of the workshop.

Performance opportunities -
At October Halloween Hafla - Details tbc.

Liverpool Classes - At Whisc
Gentle Flow Belly Dance - For Antenatal Postnatal & Low Mobility.

Whisc Class Liverpool Gentle flow Thursday 1.15pm- running as normal at the moment Further advice / guidelines added when updated by Whisc. Check back on Wednesday evenings. Corona Advice -If you have been feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone who had been unwell please stay home. Those attending please follow hand washing guidelines ect.

Belly dance class in Wirral. The belly dance classes are on Saturday mornings at 11am at the Parade Community Centre Hoyle Road Hoylake Wirral Ch47-3AG.
£5 per class
Classes run for one hour.
Just turn up!

For information & contact -

Free Class For All - Saturday 22nd September 2018!

This is a women's belly dance group suitable for all ages dance levels / fitness abilities. It has been running every week since January and was running in courses since 2014. New members are always welcome.

What To Wear -
Exercise gym dance yoga clothing or leggings and a top. Anything you feel comfortable to dance in.
Bare foot or bring soft flat ballet jazz or belly dance shoes. Foot thongs or yoga socks. Bring sock.

Coin hip belts tassel scarves and props provided for all to wear / use and return at no extra cost.

Bring water - there is drinking water at the venue.

What is Belly Dancing?
A culturally rich dance form that origionated in Egypt African which has travelled and is popular in many Middle Eastern North African and Medetaranean countries. Eventually it travelled to the west and has evolved into popular styles we know today. Belly dance styles from different countries have small similarities but big differences.
It is important to remember that belly dance incorporates the whole body and has dance steps and turns. No we don't just stand around wiggling our hips and bellies although we do use these body parts along with the rest of the body.
*Belly dance is not Zumba Bollywood Indian Goddess or yoga dance. These styles can be fused with belly dance to make a belly dance fantasy or theatrical fusion piece. Belly dance is its own amazing style all on its own.

More About The Classes
Bellydance Arts & Fitness Classes in Hoylake Wirral
The classes are fun upbeat and different. At the classes we focus on a variety of belly dance styles such Egyptian Turkish North African American Cabaret Folkloric and theatrical fusion. The styles can be learned and performed together (known as Oriental dance) or individually so it is more authentic.
The classes include elements of  fitness for health exercise and healing benefits as well social dance for a more relaxed easy to follow feel that is fun as well as belly dance as a hobby / performance art.
The classes run every week. Sometimes there are breaks in-between courses and sometimes there are not.
The sessions are facilitated by Tara who is a working dancer with experience and holds relevent dance teaching fitness qualifications / certificates and full public liability insurance. She keeps the class upbeat fun whilst still maintaining a positive learning environment suitable for people of all ages dance levels and fitness abilities offering variations to both beginners and intermediates.
 The belly dance classes with Tara focus on belly dance as a social dance, Belly dance as a form of low impact moderate intensity exersise and belly dance as a performance art.
 At each class is different and includes elements of correct dance technique,  Improvisation, Choreographies, Easy to follow dance routines, Artistic expression, Dance fitness sequences, Get creative tasks, Warm ups & cool downs with stretches and lots of other great stuff. Lots of teaching styles are incorporated so everyone has the ability to learn properly (including people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia)

Wether you want to join to for exercise, Social or performance opportunities there is something for everyone.

People who attend Tara's classes always become friendly. This creates community withing the class and everyone is supported and valued. This is beneficial to people who have recently had a big life change and want to meet new people or focus the mind, People who have recently moved to the area wether it be through work, Travel or as a university student. As a facilitator and community dance leader Tara ensures her class are all inclusive and welcomes diversity and people from all back grounds.

Belly dance class Hoylake Wirral Merseyside.


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