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Tara Dance Arts News - Find out what we have been up to and what we have planned with our timeline of past present and future events! (Videos & images included) *Tara is having a maternity break. Classes will resume in January 2021  Belly Dance Classes Wirral  Start Date - Saturday 9th January 2021 Time - 11.30am Venue - The Hoylake Parade Community Centre Ch47 3AG  Suitability - Women of all ages and abilities Booking - Contact Tara by email  *Covid rules put in place at the venue and in the class.  October 2019 The first drum circle lesson was held this month and it was a success. As well as learning two rhythms (Saidi and ayoub) we also had a drum jam at the end if the lesson where we played ayoub the rhythm that is predominantly played for the Zar a type of trance dance used in various countries of Africa and Middle East for its therapeutic healing benefits. New members are welcome to join the drum circle. We meet the first Monday of the month at

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